Wednesday, May 2, 2012

                   It has come time once again to participate in the annual Commissioners Art Show. This year the entry day is Tuesday, May 8, 2012. We are looking forward to working with and learning from each one of you.
                      This year we will be having a team of Judges that are qualified and have extensive and diverse art experience.
          Mark your calendars for the Commissioners 31st Annual Art Show Awards Dinner. The theme for this year’s dinner is ‘Be A Part Of Art’.  The dinner will be held Wednesday May 9th, 2012, at 6 p.m. It will take place in the auditorium of the Sevier County Administration Building, and the cost to attend is $12.00 per plate.                                 We invite all of you who have been working on a sketchbook to feel free to bring them on Entry Day so they can be displayed throughout the show. Also if you would like to demonstrate your art during the show (Artist in Action) please call Lennea Holt at 896-8923 to schedule a time that will work with you and the show.   
          We are also looking for people who are interested in joining an ART GUILD.   Sign-up and more information will be available at the show or you may call Jeannie Puzey at 896-78571 or Lisa DeGraffenried 435-979-7168.
          We hope each of you are excited as we are for this year’s show. See you on Tuesday!
Commissioners Art Show Committee

Commissioners Art Show Contest 2012

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July's Theme: For Purple Mountains Majesties

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Please have your June entries in by July 20th, and your July entries by July 31st. Email them to

You can start anytime. Just send your name and email address to

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The 2011-2012 Commissioners Art Challege

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Please send me your name and email address to participate. (

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Out of the Box Challenge

'Forgotten Journey' by Tyler Armstrong 
'Sevier County - Amazing Landscape and Wildlife' by Trax Bagley (SSHS 
Sevier County, Utah - Pick Your Future' by Audrey Aders 
'Sevier' by Dallin DeGraffenried (NSHS) 
'Sevier' by Hortense Bullock 
by Dustyn Allen 
by Kelbi Curtis (SSHS

Monday, April 25, 2011

Out of the Box Challenge

'Bernard' by Dalton Ivie (RHS
'Gifts of Sevier' by Lois Gillins
'Mid-Utah Radio - KSVC' by Kathy Farnsworth
'My Favorite Things - Home & Family' by Amy Hartle
'My Life' by Janet Gonzalez (SSHS)
'We Have it All in Sevier County' by Lisa DeGraffenried
by Angela Hill
'Blind' by Holly Siebach
'Musk Thistle' by Jeannie Puzey
'Places Around Sevier County' by Sharleen Kelsey
'See Sevier County Through My Eyes' by Shaylee Mason (NSHS)
'Sevier County is My Refuge from the War I Used to Face Every Day' by Erica Owen (NSHS)
'The Ones That Got Away' by Katie Rollins
by Lilly Jones
by Mark NiBlack

Check back! There are a few more to come!

Out of the Box Challenge


22 boxes were turned in -- and they're pretty awesome! Very creative! We took one picture of each box (so can't really see EVERY side well). Pictures will be posted on our blogspot ... hopefully by Monday. Check them out at
(note: severe - not sevier)

They've been placed around the valley. We'll be picking them back up from these places (FOR YOU - please don't YOU pick them up!) May 4 to exhibit them at the artist's dinner the night of May 4 and to remain on display for the remainder of the ARTSHOW May 5, 6, and 7. Please pick up your boxes at 3:00 p.m, Saturday, May 7 at the art "pickup" (after the show is over).

THANKS AGAIN for making our 30TH ANNUAL COMMISSIONER'S ART SHOW better than ever this year. Your "Out of the Box" Challenge creations are TERRIFIC!!

Check the Reaper (April 20) to see if the picture the Reaper reporter took of your boxes (last Friday) got in the paper ....

Katie Rollins (questions? cell = 801-225-1590)


1. “ Sevier County , Utah – Pick Your Future” by Audrey Aders (NSHS) at: Denny’s Restaurant, Salina

2. by Dustyn Allen at: Lotsa Motsa Pizza, Richfield

3. “Forgotten Journey” by Tyler Armstrong (RHS) at: Burns Saddlery, Salina

4. “ Sevier County – Amazing Landscape and Wildlife” by Trax Bagley (SSHS) at: IFA, Salina

5. “Sevier” by Hortense Bullock at: Mountain America Credit Union, Richfield

6. by Kelbi Curtis (SSHS) at: Wingers, Richfield

7. “Sevier” by Dallin DeGraffenried (NSHS) at: Ideal Dairy, Richfield

8. “We Have it All in Sevier County ” by Lisa DeGraffenried at: South China Restaurant, Richfield

9. “Mid-Utah Radio: KSVC” by Kathy Farnsworth at: Zions Bank, Salina

10. “Gifts of Sevier” by Lois Gillins at: Mom’s CafĂ©, Salina

11. “My Life” by Janet Gonzalez (SSHS) at: Curves, Richfield

12. “My Favorite Things: Home & Family” by Amy Hartle at: Knit & Craft, Richfield

13. by Angela Hill at: Zions Bank, Richfield

14. “Bernard” by Dalton Ivie (RHS) at: Bullie’s Burger, Monroe

15. by Lilly Jones at: Cowboy Corral, Elsinore

16. “Places Around Sevier County” by Sharleen Kelsey at: Pepperbelly’s, Richfield

17. “See” Sevier County Through My Eyes by Shaylee Mason (NSHS) at: Richfield Public Library

18. by Mark NiBlack at: State Bank, Richfield

19. “ Sevier County is my Refuge From the War I Used to Face Every Day”
by Erica Owen (NSHS) at: Hansen’s Beauty Supply, Richfield

20. “Musk Thistle” by Jeannie Puzey at: Sevier School & Office Supply, Richfield

21. “The Ones That Got Away” by Katie Rollins at: IFA, Richfield

22. “Blind” by Holly Siebach at: El Mexicana Restaurant, Salina