Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Register TODAY

Dear Sevier County Artist,

I am so proud of our Artists and their response to our Sevier County ‘Severe Art Challenge’. Thank You! ~ I’ve even had people out of Sevier County want to participate!
Remember ‘Nothing happens until I make it happen’ so to get your registration in by July 21st and take advantage of the ‘Warm-up Challenge’ which begins that date and goes until September 1st. when our ‘Severe Art Challenge’ will begin.
Plan to join us for a Kick Off Celebration and receive your ‘Severe Art Challenge’ T-shirt - which we hope you will wear proudly to let the world know what we are doing. Come and see what our Artists have done so far in the ‘Warm-up Challenge’. There will be refreshments and time for questions and sharing.
Please visit our blog at www.severeartchallenge.blogspot.com and find us on facebook to keep updated on each Artist and their progress.
Put some real thought into your ‘Personal Artistic Challenge’ make it as simple as you need to be successful, but also give yourself a challenge so that you can see improvement in the end. If you need to work on being consistent with your sketching then that can be your goal. If you want to improve on your technique then set that as your goal. What ever your desires for improvement are we will accept and will display at our April 2011 Show.
Spread the word so that we can meet our goal of getting ‘30 Sevier County Artists’ to participate. We all know that there are rewards and benefits that come when we commit to something. We can all do it!
“Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dreams closer.” -Marcia Wieder

I am working with someone that is trying to get a ‘Farmers Art Market’ going here in Richfield at the City Park. It will be another perfect opportunity for us to get our Art out in the public view so that our names and works will become noticed and recognized. We are hoping to have things ready to go by the end of the month so look at what you have to display or sell, or what you can work on at the park to promote yourself. We will get you more details as soon as they are completed.
Any of you that are Utah artists and ages 55 and over and haven’t received your invitation to submit artwork to the ‘Utah Images 2010’ art show and exhibit sponsored by Equitable Life & Causality Insurance Company. Let me know and I will send you the info. It will be a good opportunity to submit a piece or two of our ‘Sevier County’ artwork because this show is based on a Utah theme.

Thanks again for all you are doing and for supporting ‘Art’.
Any questions call me at 435-896-7571 or e-mail me at jandjpuzey@yahoo.com

Jeannie Puzey
Sevier County Commissioners Art Show Director

Friday, July 2, 2010

To All Artist of Sevier County

As most of you know, our show in April 2011 will be our 30th show. We think that is an event to celebrate! And celebrate we will.

Anyone that knows our committee knows that we are always up for a challenge. We have tried to give out challenging opportunities each year so that each of us can learn more and reach out a little farther to become a better artist. This year is no different. This challenge will be the one that you will remember and thank us for later.

To commemorate the 30th year anniversary of the Sevier County Commissioners Show, we introduce our
Severe Art Challenge
to magnify our special category theme "Sevier County"

We challenge every artist in Sevier County to create 30 pieces of original art in 30 weeks.

Don't run away yet - read on.

That is only one artwork a week! From September 1st to April 1st. We challenge you to focus on improving your art. We would like to get 30 artists that would commit themselves to the challenge with the idea that "practice makes perfect". We want each artist to set a personal artistic challenge that would empower them to develop and improve their gift.

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work." - Emile Zola

This challenge will hold us accountable to both process and productivity. This will be your contract with yourself. You can choose how you will make this work for you. Some may choose to spend 90 minutes on each artwork and another may want to spend several hours. It all depends on what you want to have developed for yourself in the end. We've heard a lot of you say that you wish you could do more but that life just keeps you too busy. So here is your chance to take charge and make the impossible happen.

Every artist wants two things; to be a better artist and to have their art promoted so that people know who they are and what they do. Here is our opportunity. We will promote your art while you are working and you will become the 'Featured Artists' at the 2011 Commissioners Art Show. We will display each piece of art for recognition.

If all 30 artists complete their goal, we will have 900 pieces of art to show at our 30th Annual Commissioners Show! Wow! Just imagine!

Here are the details:
  • Pre-registration and a fee of $30 need to be in prior to July 19, 2010. Every participant will receive a 'Severe Art Challenge' T-shirt at a kick-off meeting, Sept 1, 2010.
  • You can create your 30 pieces, any size, any medium and as fast or as slow as you choose. We will not require that you frame any of those pieces. Every participant will be on the honor system to create their pieces during the specified time frame.
  • We will promote this challenge to all Sevier County Residents. We will use a facebook page and this blog to keep everyone updated on how we are doing. Our desire is to inform and excite the public so that they will want to purchase a part of this exciting challenge!
I know you are excited to begin, but wait. The 30 weeks will not begin until Wed, September 1, 2010. We have put together a warm-up challenge for those that are interested to help get ready for this SEVERE CHALLENGE.

When we have completed our challenge on April 1, 2011, each participating artist will select their favorite pieces to go through a selection process. 18 of those art pieces that are chosen will be featured in a special 1st Edition Sevier County 18 month Calendar for 2011 - 2012. Sales of the calendar will begin at the April show and continue through the ATV Jamboree in 2011. Participating artists will also be recognized at a dinner in their honor.

Warm-Up Challenge

Beginning Wednesday, July 21, 2010, we would like to have you begin by creating 6 works of art of 'Sevier County'. One a week until September 1st. They will be placed in our exhibit/sale (3 times) at the ATV Jamboree beginning September 20th. We ask that anyone participating in this warm-up challenge donate 20% of your sales and proceeds to cover promotion and handling costs of this show.

These 6 pieces will count towards your 30 pieces. This will give you a beautiful start. Pictures will be taken of each piece so they will be represented at our show in April.

Things to consider as you create your personal contract:
  • explore a new medium
  • develop my style or technique
  • experiment with plein-air
  • find an area to be more productive, artistic or creative
  • what skills or abilities can you improve on
Hold yourself accountable for both process and productivity.

Mail or drop off your registration to:
Kevin Arrington
Special Events Office
250 N Main Street
Richfield, UT 84701

If you have questions, please e-mail us at: severeartchallenge@gmail.com