Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July's Theme: For Purple Mountains Majesties

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Please have your June entries in by July 20th, and your July entries by July 31st. Email them to severeartchallenge@gmail.com

You can start anytime. Just send your name and email address to severeartchallenge@gmail.com

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The 2011-2012 Commissioners Art Challege

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Please send me your name and email address to participate. (severeartchallenge@gmail.com)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Out of the Box Challenge

'Forgotten Journey' by Tyler Armstrong 
'Sevier County - Amazing Landscape and Wildlife' by Trax Bagley (SSHS 
Sevier County, Utah - Pick Your Future' by Audrey Aders 
'Sevier' by Dallin DeGraffenried (NSHS) 
'Sevier' by Hortense Bullock 
by Dustyn Allen 
by Kelbi Curtis (SSHS

Monday, April 25, 2011

Out of the Box Challenge

'Bernard' by Dalton Ivie (RHS
'Gifts of Sevier' by Lois Gillins
'Mid-Utah Radio - KSVC' by Kathy Farnsworth
'My Favorite Things - Home & Family' by Amy Hartle
'My Life' by Janet Gonzalez (SSHS)
'We Have it All in Sevier County' by Lisa DeGraffenried
by Angela Hill
'Blind' by Holly Siebach
'Musk Thistle' by Jeannie Puzey
'Places Around Sevier County' by Sharleen Kelsey
'See Sevier County Through My Eyes' by Shaylee Mason (NSHS)
'Sevier County is My Refuge from the War I Used to Face Every Day' by Erica Owen (NSHS)
'The Ones That Got Away' by Katie Rollins
by Lilly Jones
by Mark NiBlack

Check back! There are a few more to come!

Out of the Box Challenge


22 boxes were turned in -- and they're pretty awesome! Very creative! We took one picture of each box (so can't really see EVERY side well). Pictures will be posted on our blogspot ... hopefully by Monday. Check them out at www.severeartchallenge.blogspot.com
(note: severe - not sevier)

They've been placed around the valley. We'll be picking them back up from these places (FOR YOU - please don't YOU pick them up!) May 4 to exhibit them at the artist's dinner the night of May 4 and to remain on display for the remainder of the ARTSHOW May 5, 6, and 7. Please pick up your boxes at 3:00 p.m, Saturday, May 7 at the art "pickup" (after the show is over).

THANKS AGAIN for making our 30TH ANNUAL COMMISSIONER'S ART SHOW better than ever this year. Your "Out of the Box" Challenge creations are TERRIFIC!!

Check the Reaper (April 20) to see if the picture the Reaper reporter took of your boxes (last Friday) got in the paper ....

Katie Rollins (questions? cell = 801-225-1590)


1. “ Sevier County , Utah – Pick Your Future” by Audrey Aders (NSHS) at: Denny’s Restaurant, Salina

2. by Dustyn Allen at: Lotsa Motsa Pizza, Richfield

3. “Forgotten Journey” by Tyler Armstrong (RHS) at: Burns Saddlery, Salina

4. “ Sevier County – Amazing Landscape and Wildlife” by Trax Bagley (SSHS) at: IFA, Salina

5. “Sevier” by Hortense Bullock at: Mountain America Credit Union, Richfield

6. by Kelbi Curtis (SSHS) at: Wingers, Richfield

7. “Sevier” by Dallin DeGraffenried (NSHS) at: Ideal Dairy, Richfield

8. “We Have it All in Sevier County ” by Lisa DeGraffenried at: South China Restaurant, Richfield

9. “Mid-Utah Radio: KSVC” by Kathy Farnsworth at: Zions Bank, Salina

10. “Gifts of Sevier” by Lois Gillins at: Mom’s CafĂ©, Salina

11. “My Life” by Janet Gonzalez (SSHS) at: Curves, Richfield

12. “My Favorite Things: Home & Family” by Amy Hartle at: Knit & Craft, Richfield

13. by Angela Hill at: Zions Bank, Richfield

14. “Bernard” by Dalton Ivie (RHS) at: Bullie’s Burger, Monroe

15. by Lilly Jones at: Cowboy Corral, Elsinore

16. “Places Around Sevier County” by Sharleen Kelsey at: Pepperbelly’s, Richfield

17. “See” Sevier County Through My Eyes by Shaylee Mason (NSHS) at: Richfield Public Library

18. by Mark NiBlack at: State Bank, Richfield

19. “ Sevier County is my Refuge From the War I Used to Face Every Day”
by Erica Owen (NSHS) at: Hansen’s Beauty Supply, Richfield

20. “Musk Thistle” by Jeannie Puzey at: Sevier School & Office Supply, Richfield

21. “The Ones That Got Away” by Katie Rollins at: IFA, Richfield

22. “Blind” by Holly Siebach at: El Mexicana Restaurant, Salina

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear 30/30 Artists

As you know, Friday is our last day! Yeah! Can you believe we made it? I’m excited to see everyone and
what you have accomplished.

This Friday April 1st, from 3:00 to 5:00, we will be at the Sevier County Administration Building in the
auditorium (where we had our “Kick Off” party). Bring the artwork that you have selected to go into
our Sevier County, 18 Month Calendar and we will photograph it. Choose a piece that best rep-
resents Sevier County. Also bring your ‘Challenge’ info. so we can get things lined up for our show.
Information we are needing:
What ‘Challenge’ did you set for yourself?
How many pieces were you able to complete?
What medium?
What sizes?
What other display needs will youl have?

Printed invites for the ‘Artist Reception’ will be available to pick up on this day. A PDF file will also be
sent to your e-mail so that you can print off more or send electronically the invites you need. Please invite all
your friends and family!

Monday Evening, May 2, 2011, the Atrium will be open at 6:00 p.m. for any ‘Challenge’ Artists that would
like to get a head start on setting up their ‘Challenge’ display. Please bring your pieces for the resgular Show on
Tuesday, May 3 from 1-4 as prieviously scheduled.

Thanks! Hope this Challenge was successful for you even if in a small improvement.
Any Questions call me, 896-7571.

Jeannie Puzey
Show Coordinator

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear ‘Challenge’ participants,

April 1st is the last day! Yeah! Congratulations! We are excited to see what you have accomplished!

Just a few reminders, please read carefully so that you know what to do.
- Call for your interview and photo today!(Kevin- 435-893-0457 or 435-979-2881)
- Remember that you need to pick one piece that you would like to go into the 18 month calendar, and bring it in to Kevin’s office on April 1st from 10:00 to 2:00.
- We will need to know how many pieces you have been able to complete when you bring in your piece.
- You are responsible for framing any art piece that you would like to sell. You also need to decide on your other pieces, how you want them displayed and then be sure you have what you need to do so.
- Bring in all your pieces when you bring in your art work for the show, Tuesday May 3, 1:00 to 4:00.
- A 4x6 standing grid area is available for each artist with about 7 hangers. We have some wooden easels available also, if you will let us know how many you need on April 1st. If you need table space please let us know then also.
- You will need to be responsible for any special hanging or displaying hardware.
- You are responsible to hang/display all your pieces (however you choose).
- We are providing a price tag for any piece you want to sell. Bring it in filled out and ready to go.
- Choose a piece to go in the silent auction. Decide on a ‘minimum price’.
- Also choose a piece to go in the raffle. This piece is donated but could be returned to you if it is not chosen by the raffle winner. The artist gets to keep the money donated. If we get more that $200.00 donated we will have two winners.
- We will honor each ‘Challenge’ participant at the Awards Dinner on Wednesday May 4th at 6:00 PM at the Sevier County Admin. Building. The cost is $12.00 a plate. Please buy your tickets on ‘Entry Day’.
- Each of you is invited to our ‘Artist Reception’. It is to honor you and your hard work. We would like for you to invite all your friends and family so you can show your work and share your story. The Reception is May 6th at 6:30 PM at the Atrium. We will have refreshements.

We will have official invites for you to get and pass out at the sign in table on Entry Day.

Thanks for all your hard work these ‘30’ weeks.

Hopefully all of you have success stories to share even if it is one or two works of art that you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Looking forward to seeing each of you on April 1st!
Call me if you have questions - 896-7571
Jeannie Puzey

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Please sign up for your interviews!

To all our Severe Challenge Participants,

    We have been making plans for our 30th Anniversary “Big Event” and we need helpers so please call Jeannie and volunteer to help us make this happen.  896-7571

    I hope you are all painting and creating like crazy.  Our deadline is coming up quickly and we have a lot to do before our ‘Show’ that is now scheduled for May 3rd (bring your art work in)  and the show will be the 4-7th.  We changed our date so that we could still be associated with the Natural Resources Fair and the Home Show.  The ‘Call for Entries’ will be coming in the mail soon with more information.
    The first reminder for you is that on April 1st you will need to choose which painting you would like to have in our 18 month calendar and take it into Kevin’s office so we can photograph it and get it ready to print.

    We had hoped that everyone would have called Kevin for your interview date so that we could get your picture and your success stories or your struggles written and onto our Blog and in the Reaper.  I realize that life is beating us up because I have had my share of struggles in getting my paintings done but, it is time to get our interviews taken care of.  We can’t promote you if you don’t give us the info. and pose for a picture.  Call Kevin today and make an appointment so he can do his job.  This is a busy time for him so don’t put it off until the last minute or you won’t get in.  His work number is 435-893-0457 or his cell is 435-979-2881.

    Our Blog is your opportunity to get your name and your work out to the public.  Take pictures of your work and write up a little blurb to go with it and then get with Kamie Allen - severeartchallenge@gmail.com (896-0252).  She will help you get it posted on the blog.  Our blog should be a running account of what we are doing.  We need to keep posting information so that our blog will be interesting and people will want to keep checking it for possible purchases.   Tell all your friends about our blog at   http://www.severeartchallenge.blogspot.com  so that they can visit it. 

    Most of us don’t want our paintings sitting around after the show so we thought it would be great to have a silent auction, during the week of the show, for any art work that you want moved.  Please have your pieces framed and a ‘minimum price’ decided when you bring them in.

     We are also planning a raffle.  We would like every artist to donate a piece of art work that will go toward the raffle.  Not every painting will go to the winner, they will choose which piece they want to take home out of the 22 participants.   The artist that is chosen by the winner will receive the money donated.  If the donation is over $200 we will choose another winner and another artist will get the balance of the donation money and the opportunity to have their piece in someone’s home or office.

    We have scheduled an Artists reception for Friday at 6:30 pm. We would like every artist to attend and to personally invite everyone they can think of to come see our pieces and talk to the artists about their “Challenge” experiences, etc. Refreshments will be served.

    Thanks for accepting the challenge I hope it has proven to be a good experience. 

    Good Luck!!!  Remember your goals and keep working.  We will see you May 3rd.

Show Coordinators
    Jeannie & Jim Puzey
    Dustyn and Kamie Allen
    Lisa Degraffenried
    Kevin Arrington

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello Severe Art Challenge Participants!

How are you coming along with your 30 artworks? Are you right on schedule? Ahead? A few behind?

We want to know!

We would love to get together with you and get a picture of your progress. We want to hear what your experience has been like. The highs, the lows, and what you have learned. We want to promote you!

Please contact Kevin Arrington or Jeannie Puzey to schedule a time to get together with you. (Kevin 893-0457 (you can call or text) sevierevents@juno.com or Jeannie 896-7571 jandjpuzey@yahoo.com)

Please contact them ASAP! Time is running short.

You can also send pictures and comments to severeartchallege@gmail.com and I will get them put up on the blog and on facebook.

Thank you for all your time and effort.